In the Beginning

Don and I (Janet) have been talking about buying a boat since we were first married in 1997 and living in Southern California. That’s a long, long time.  But, life was busy between careers and kids, and the time for a boat just wasn’t there.  Eventually we settled on a little ranchette in Tombstone, AZ as we sent our kids into adulthood and began wrapping up our careers (Don as a Fire Capt/Paramedic followed by State Fire Safety Officer/AZ, and Janet as an emergency nurse and instructor).  With retirement looming, the question of “What Next?” began coming up….a lot.  Sailing was frequently discussed, but the logistics of maintaining a sailboat in landlocked Tombstone, AZ was a discussion killer. Until….

On a trip to Santa Barbara, CA in September of 2015, we were walking the waterfront when a very strange looking boat caught our attention.  It turned out to be a Corsair trimaran sailboat on its trailer.  Tons of research later, this little boat sparked our dream back into life!

But Don….Don is always very particular and uncompromising when he’s decided what is “best” (obviously, I feel a little more flexible).  And Don had decided that if we were to have a sailboat it must be:

  1. An Ian Farrier designed Corsair (prior to 2001)
  2. An F-31 Ultimate Cruiser
  3. In budget

Sounds easy, right?  Yeah, there was one available in Japan for something like $200,000, or some other equally not-doable number.  But, we checked back on the sale sites in January of 2016 and found 3 available!  The one in Japan, now one in San Francisco, and one in…..what?….no way….COULDN’T BE….Phoenix, AZ, just 3 hours from our house.  And it was in budget.

You could guess it didn’t take us long to make THAT phone call!  We hit it off with the seller right away (he is also in the medical field), struck a deal, scheduled the survey, closed the loan and became the proud owners of AHA in early March 2016!

We spent that spring on Lake Pleasant just north of Phoenix brushing up Don’s sailing skills and trying to gain some skills for me.  We had a blast! Except for the part where lakes have a lot of shore line (tacking and gibing every 10 minutes), and monsoon storms ripped the marina docks apart twice while we were there.  But we had lots of fun and learned a lot about our boat.  By May 1st it was too hot to stay at Lake Pleasant, so we dropped the mast for the first time, hitched her to the truck and brought her home.


Leaving Lake Pleasant in search of salt water!

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