Sprucing Up and Adding On

Once we got 3@50 home it was time for a cleanup.  Luckily, our shop is large enough to swing out the amas (the outside hulls) and have full access to all of the hulls, the trampolines…everything.

We spent our first summer with AHA completely going over every inch. Pulling everything out, evaluating what to keep, what to store and what to get rid of. We completely cleaned the hulls, cockpit and topsides to restore the gelcoat. We made repairs to the rudder and daggerboard. We serviced all the winches and the head (thanks honey).  We re-installed the hot water heater (oh yes, yes, yes!). Replaced the propane tank, polished the mast, and ordered a new screacher headsail from Ian at Elliot-Pattison sails. Don went through all of the electrical, changed all the lights over to LED’s, rewired the mast to allow for the installation of an anchor light…It seemed like the projects would never end, but of course, eventually they did.

Meanwhile, we got a phone call from our new friends from the Newport Beach moorings, Trish and John, inviting us to join them on their boat at the end of October for the 2016 Baja HaHa! We couldn’t accept fast enough!

Stay tuned for more adventure……

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