Don and Janet met in June of 1997 in Cancun, Mexico. Don was a firefighter/paramedic from Southern California, running a medical team for a group travel service for U.S. studen
ts.  He hired Janet, an ER/Trauma nurse and instructor from Dallas to join his team in Cancun.

The sparks flew pretty quickly and we were married 4 months later on St. John’s Island in the USVI.IMG

Although Don was an avid sailor all of his life, racing Hobie cats and crewing on his brother-in-law’s racing sailboat, and Janet grew up waterskiing on lakes in Texas and Alaska, we never managed to do much sailing while we lived in SoCal. Mostly because we were focused on kids, dogs and careers.

In 2004, with the kids off on their own, we moved to Southern Arizona with our horses and built our 100 acre ranchette. We raised alpacas, sheep, goats and dogs and adjusted to a slower pace surrounded by beautiful mountains and gorgeous sunsets.

IMG_0381 Don continued commuting to California to work. Janet returned to nursing for a few years, before opening a private practice as a Hypnotherapist and a natural healing store.

Early retirement was always our goal, so in 2015, Janet retired. Don continued working after retiring from Orange County Fire, accepting a position with the State of Arizona as a Fire Management Officer.

In 2016, we bought our first sailboat and named her 3@50: 3 hulls at age 50 (and also the name of Don’s primary retirement plan!) We specifically bought a Corsair F-31 UC for it’s ability to be trailered, without losing performance. We dream of the day we can purchase our dream catamaran and do extended cruising, but for now we have a plan to sail as much as possible until September 2017. Come September, Don will retire for good and we will become 50/50 sailors: sailing for a month, then returning home to the ranch for a month.

Follow along as we record our travels, obstacles, and experiences…….




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